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Respark Your Life

Aug 31, 2020

A winning mindset isn’t something you're born with - it’s something you train for. Olympians are known to anticipate obstacles and remain unflustered when things don’t go as planned. They can perceive options that others can’t, staying cool, calm, and collected under the most intense pressure. The mindset of a champion directly translates from the track and field arena into the arenas of business and finance. How can you cultivate an Olympic Mindset to achieve success in business and in life? 


Today we talk about how to apply the mindset of athletics to business. Listen in to the Wealth Creator Source Podcast as Raymond Aaron talks with retired Canadian Olympic Medalist and thriving businessman, Mark McKoy about how to cultivate your own success with a winning attitude. Winner of an Olympic Gold Medal and holder of 3 Canadian hurdles records, Mark has taken his drive as an athlete and applied it to the business world. As a trainer, consultant, and speaker, Mark has delivered groundbreaking programs to empower individuals and teams to embrace change, get healthy, and improve productivity. 


Key Takeaways:

  • Take skills and abilities and the thought processes and the mindset of a champion from the track and field arena, and convert it to other areas like business and finance.
  • The mindset of a Champion is a lifelong endeavor.
  • Do what you love and are passionate about, and you will be successful at it.
  • Ensure you choose the right mentor/coach.
  • To be a Champion you need to Champion discipline.


Expert Action Steps:

  • Make Health a Lifestyle, choose a Healthy Lifestyle.
  • Join a Program at:
  • Surround yourself with people interested in the healthy lifestyle.


Guest Bio:

  • Mark McKoy is a Canadian retired track and field athlete who holds the Canadian records for the 50-, 60-, and 110-metre hurdles. With 5 World Championships, 5 Olympic teams, and an Olympic Gold Medal under his belt, Mark remains one of the fittest men in the world at age 60. A behavioural change agent, Mark has been developing and implementing ground-breaking methodologies and programs for himself and others for almost 40 years. As a health evangelist, mentor, nutrition expert, and author, Mark leverages his career successes and lessons learned to inspire and optimize individual performances and build winning teams.