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Respark Your Life

Jul 19, 2021

What distinguishes one program from another isn't so much its content. It's a matter of how you make that content resonate with people and whether that content is actionable. Today Raymond interviews Sunjay Nath, and they speak about how to increase sales, improve customer service, and enhance your leadership skills by using his 10-80-10 principles.


Join host Raymond Aaron on the Wealth Creator Source Podcast brought to you by Respark Your Life. Today Raymond will be speaking to Sunjay Nath, founding vice president of an e-learning company that went on to become a multi-million dollar business. He is recognized as a top debater and world-renowned speaker, having addressed over 800,000 people around the world. 

Expert Action Steps:

  • Awareness - be aware of your desired results, be aware of who are the top 10 to get you to your desired result, and then who are the bottom 10 that are pulling you away from your desired result.
  • Choice - choose to neutralize the bottom 10 and empower the top 10 you identified.
  • Time - over time this will all heal and move you upward.


Guest bio:

Sunjay Nath travels globally sharing insights on leadership and performance. He is best known for his trademark, “The 10-80-10 Principle” which is a framework that helps individuals and teams improve performance. This methodology combines best practices with small wins to help people empower themselves. Sunjay was a founding Vice President of an e-learning company based in Toronto that has gone on to become a multimillion-dollar company. Prior to that position, he worked as an engineer for a distribution company in New York. He served as a camp director for several years with a camp that focuses on developing leadership skills in students. He has also held positions with H&R Block and Bank of Montreal.