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Respark Your Life

May 24, 2021

You can’t just enjoy a trend, you have to have the right people in the right vehicle in order to capture a trend. Coupling the right people with the right vehicle, everyone can be successful. Today’s guest understands three powerful aspects of success, he always supports and understands the power of trends and he understands the power of having the wrecked vehicle to take you to where you want to go in terms of the job or the business that you’re in. Looking at the baby boomer generation (people born between 1946 and 1964), and how they have had the largest effect on the economy and on the growth of our whole world.


Join host Raymond Aaron on the Wealth Creator Source Podcast brought to you by Respark Your Life. Today Raymond speaks to Marlin Hershey, a multifaceted entrepreneur who started working his entrepreneurial life when he was just 12 years old, for the last 30 years he has run a variety of successful businesses.

Expert Action Steps:

  • Read Age Wave and Age Boom by Dr. Ken Dychtwald.
  • Write down and define how this information will affect you. How will this affect you now that you have this knowledge, how will this affect your current business and job? How will it affect what you do next? How will it affect you and your mindset?
  • You need to create an action plan now.


Guest bio:


  • Founder of Elite Coach, Marlin Hershey has been providing safe, enjoyable, and memorable travel experiences through luxury charter bus services since 1991. Specializing in group travel across the Mid Atlantic Region, Elite Coach is committed to making your next trip stress-free, reliable, and comfortable. With over 22 years of expertise in the travel and tourism industry, Elite Coach’s friendly and knowledgeable sales team, professional drivers, and dedicated maintenance and cleaning crew all strive to exceed the expectations of every customer. Whether a day trip, an overnight excursion, or a multi-day tour, you can relax knowing that your travel experience is their top priority.