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Respark Your Life

Dec 19, 2020

In order to survive, humans instinctively avoid risk and adversity. When we try to sidestep failure or disappointment, we fail to learn from our mistakes. Shying away from critical feedback and other uncomfortable situations means missing out on a potentially life-changing and success-fueling experience. So, what's the secret behind leveraging hardships into success instead of letting fear hold you back? 


Today on the Wealth Creator Source Podcast, Raymond speaks to Barry Farber. Barry is a Sales and Marketing Strategist as well as an entrepreneur, inventor, columnist, award-winning radio and television host, and best-selling author. Listen in for a practical roadmap to success, and how to turn today's adversities and obstacles into tomorrow’s opportunities for growth. 


Expert Action Steps:

  • Setting up your environment: put things around us not just the people who are successful as mentors but what we read and around my walls.
  • Network like crazy, every single business chord, every single human being to collect because you never know when you'll use it.
  • Get back to learning, you know, hopefully, it's combined with action to you know, come action and constant learning are critical.


  • Barry Farber is an entrepreneur, award-winning radio and television host, agent, inventor, columnist, and best-selling author. Barry has been a Sales and Marketing Strategist for over 25 years. He hosts TV programs such as Breakthrough with Barry Farber and has a radio program with the same name. He is the president of Farber Training Systems, Inc. and The Diamond Group. Barry has worked with some of the world’s largest brands and interviewed dozens of well-known athletes, entertainers, and thought leaders. His latest book, Success Secrets of Sales Superstars, features sales advice from 34 industry leaders.