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Respark Your Life

Dec 21, 2020

Accountability is more than just keeping your word; it is the most important currency you can have. Organizations still struggle with accountability, but their effects on reputation and performance can make or break a company. Accountability can improve company culture, employee performance, and regulation compliance, allowing you to devote more energy to push your business forward. When responsibility is assigned, everyone knows they can’t be caught resting on their laurels if they want to be successful.


In this edition of the Wealth Creator Source Podcast, host Raymond Aaron speaks with Jim Bunch on the nature of responsibility within business. Jim is an entrepreneur that has launched numerous successful businesses and helps companies by initiating positive and sustainable change. Jim focuses on individual definitions of success and the impact accountability can have on a worker’s mindset and environment. 


Expert Action Steps:

  • What are three environments that you need to eliminate?
  • What three environments can you put in place? To hold you accountable and to raise your standards?
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Guest Bio: 


Jim Bunch is an entrepreneur that helps companies around the world find success by initiating positive and sustainable change. Jim launched successful companies The Ultimate Game of Life, which features an online experience to improve people’s health, wealth, and happiness, and, a technology resource for entrepreneurs to build and automate their online businesses. Jim is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council and features in the inspirational movie Pass It On. He is a proponent of living “The Ultimate Life”.