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Respark Your Life

Jun 14, 2021

Today Raymond speaks to Mimitry Badiarov, known for the reintroduction of the old masters of violin makers, acoustical concepts, which he is writing a book on fine violin making, and he is also known for the revival of the viola cello, which is the predecessor of the modern-day cello. Being an active promoter of the violoncello da Spalla since the moment it was built in 2004, Dmitry Badiarov performed on it as a soloist in Japan, the Netherlands, and Mexico. His career is a symbiosis of violin playing and making. It has been much inspired by the careers of the earliest violinists and some of the notable Italian luthiers-players such as Pietro Guarneri of Mantua. He started carving wood at the age of 5 and was apprenticed to the luthier Vladimir Oiberman at the age of 11, and to luthier Vladimir Yakimenko in St.Petersburg at 19. Dmitry Badiarov was a guest lecturer at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, and a guest teacher of historically informed violin-making practice at a violin-making school in Tokyo from 2007 to 2009.


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